French and Indianing!

>> Saturday, 31 July 2021

 We had a French and Indian war game at the club today, and I have done a write up on my blog at this LINK



The last game for a couple of weeks.

>> Saturday, 17 July 2021

 Today, we had our last game for a couple of weeks as the hall we use is hosting a wedding!

Never mind, we had a good game today, of Seven Years War. If you want to see what happened, please go to my blog at THIS LINK



A mix of games

>> Saturday, 10 July 2021

 Today, there were several games on at the club, Chain of Command WW2, Impetus ancients, Samurai using modified Pike and Shotte rules, and I was doing Star Wars skirmish.

The Samurai!

The Ikko-Ikki!

My Rebels!


Coastal forces at the club.

>> Saturday, 3 July 2021

 Today, we had a Coastal Forces game at the club. Elsewhere, Ian and co were doing Bolt Action: Pacific war, and there were 2 Ancient/Medieval games using Impetus.

for more on our game, please go to this LINK


Another club day!

>> Saturday, 26 June 2021

 We are all getting used to being back at the club, and are enjoying doing so!

Today, Phil and I were doing 'What a Tanker' Arab Israeli variant. to see what happened please go to this LINK.

Elsewhere, there were games of Chain of Command, Impetus and Great Captains. Ian and co were doing Bolt Action modified for the American Revolution!

It all looked very pretty!


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