Frederick at it again!

>> Sunday 25 March 2012

The club had its usual mix of games this week..

Napoleonics, using Empire or Grande Armee rules mostly...

A large colonial (Zulu war 1879) using Great Captains rules...

Then there was us...

A 7 Years war game report is on my blog at: Herkybirds nest !

Hope you enjoy it!


Today's games!

>> Saturday 10 March 2012

Today we had the usual mix of games on!

Phil, Ian and Lawrence, sorting their toys for our WotR skirmish -- for a fuller report of the game please go to: Herkybirds Nest
Pete, Frankie and Craig were using their 'Great Captains' rules to fight a 30 years war battle. 
 Most everyone else were doing Napoleonics of course!

It was a fun day at the club, as usual. Its always a highlight of the week- at least for me!


The magnificent 5-and-a-half!

>> Sunday 4 March 2012

We did a little Samurai - well, Ronin- game today to give us time to discuss our next project (WSS!)

The link to the write up is at: Herkybirds Nest

Here are some taster pics...



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