Wings of War Solo rules - another outing!

>> Sunday 13 November 2011

We did 3 games of WW1 Wings of War yesterday, as part of our ongoing campaign. We had a good time - it was remembrance weekend so the theme seemed appropriate!

Most of the pics I took are on my main Blog post at: Herkybirds Nest

Here are a couple of pics to give a taster..



Paras over England

>> Sunday 6 November 2011

We did a Sealion scenario today - assuming the Germans had invaded in 1940.

The main Bat Rep is on my blog at : Herkybirds nest

Here are some pictures of the game....

The farmhouse and junction - the game's objective.
 The fields where so much of the action took place
The hidden markers denoting possible German positions. 
 Our plucky lads beating up the road toward the farm...How many would buy it I wonder?
 Protecting the A9 and A10.
 Curses - ambushed by the Boche!
 A-Ha! - showed 'em what for!
 Our brave lads pushing up the road.

 ..before wiping out more Germans.
 Our little lloyd carrier.
The Germans unsportingly shooting at our tanks!
 That's it lads, see them off!


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