The Savage Swans appear at the club!

>> Sunday 16 December 2012

Today (Saturday 15th December 2012) Andy brought down his 28mm Imagi-Nations force to fight a Turkic style army.
I am sure a proper report will appear on Andy's blog: Another Slight Diversion - in due course...

Till then, I will whet your apetite with some pics I took of their game while I was getting killed on another table! - (for which report see: Herkybirds Nest)

The view of Andy(left) and his opponents, our game in the foreground..
 The Swans crossing a river, Lawrence, of course, providing the stunning terrain!
 The baggage, the target for the game.
The official mascot of the Swans, a well trained Attack Swan! 
 ..another view.
 The column on the march.
 Suddenly, enemies appear and a fight ensues between light infantry.
A cavalry battle threatens. 
More Turks appear. 
 The battle for the baggage.
 The Swans rush forward reinforcements.
..while holding the flank bravely.
 Phil's vaunted Camel gunners!
 The Turks get some Wargames Factory WSS infantry support.
Its not often that our game isnt the prettiest looking at the club!
Nice game chaps!


Ian's new Samurai

>> Sunday 9 December 2012

Ian had finished his Tokugawa Samurai --so we did a Samurai skirmish to 'Blood them'.  the write up, as usual is at: Herkybirds nest



Todays games at the club!

>> Sunday 2 December 2012

We were doing ACW skirmish, and a full write up is at: Game 1 and at Game 2 I took a few pics of the other games going on too..

Here you go!

Jed, having a look at our terrain.
 10mm Napoleonics.
 A 15mm Wars of the Roses Impetus game.
 Sorry, don't know this game!
Finally, some pics from our games 

Hope you like? - why not come down to the club if you are nearby...and interested?!


Foggy, rather than Smoggy?

>> Sunday 25 November 2012

Today, there was no normal club as we were all at Smoggycon!

My usual blog has lots of pics at: Herkybirds nest

Yes! - It was Foggy all day, but fun!


WW1 Spearhead, the return!

>> Saturday 10 November 2012

We did a WW1 Spearhead game at the club today!, the Writeup is, of course at Herkybirds nest 

Here are some pics...

I hope you enjoy the Batrep!!!


Fubar or Bust?

>> Sunday 4 November 2012

This week we did Sci-Fi skirmish using FUBAR rules, the figures were from our sizeable 15mm Stargrunt collections.

It was good to get the guys out again!

But what of the rules....

My write up of the game is at: Herkybirds nest

Here are some pics from the game.....




22nd foot:1, Les Francaises: 0

>> Sunday 28 October 2012

There is, as usual, a write up of yesterdays game on my blog at: Herkybirds nest

Some Pics to whet your appetite?



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