After Game Report: World War 2 Operation Sealion game 21st November 2009-11-24

>> Friday 27 November 2009

This was a game based on the supposition that the Germans had landed in southern England and joined up with the parachutists Fallschirmjager dropped south of the Thames.
As a ‘Fantasy’ game, this did not preclude the appearance of a certain Local Defence Volunteer platoon from Warmington-on Sea!


The British, composed of a platoon of Regulars, supported by the local LDF platoon, a Matilda 2 and 3 Vickers Mk 6 light tanks and a 2 pdr A/T gun, deployed along a river bank near a ruined abbey.

The Germans, composed if a platoon of Panzer grenadiers with a heavy platoon of tanks, flanked by a group of about 20 Fallschirmjager appeared on the opposite edge of the table, tasked with brushing aside the British and exiting the other table edge.

The Germans moved rapidly to cross the river leaving their panzers in reserve. On the right, the panzer grenadiers moved over and around a small hill, but failed to spot the waiting British regulars on the riverbank.

The British opened fire on the grenadiers when they were in the stream, but failed to cause any casualties, the returning fire from the hill drove the British back in disorder taking their wounded with them.

As the Germans began to outflank the retreating British they were forced to take cover behind the hidden LDV platoon. One could almost hear a Scottish private whispering ‘ Whear aall doomed!’.

Seeing this the portly captain of the LDF trotted back to summon the tanks to their aid. His short legs would not be able to save the day though, as events were to prove!

On the German left, the Fallschirmjager moved forward, but failed to spot the infantry in cover facing them. A sniper on their right did however, and smartly disposed of the British NCO – the section falling back to the woods behind them.

The Panzer Grenadiers swept forward after their easy victory, but were met by accurate fire at short range from the Local volunteers. The Germans were forced to ground and had to fire a flare to summon the Panzers.

With the arrival of the Panzers, the Local defence volunteers were forced back from their positions and the Germans pushed round the flank to victory!

In the end, all the players were glad Operation Seelowe did not take place for real. On the basis of this game we felt that in 1940, Britain would have had little chance.

At least, in Wargames, all the dead guys get up in the end! -War without tears.

(Pictures by L.Coxon and R.Bradley)


Updated Pike and Shotte Rules posted

>> Thursday 26 November 2009

I've just added the updated versions of Richard's Pike and Shotte rules to the download section of the website. There are also some printable game markers for all the skirmish rules, and a Formed Infantry Supplement for the Pike and Shotted as well.

Please download them and let Richard know what you think, either here or on the Club Forums.




MEETING CANCELLED - 28th November 2009

The meeting this coming Saturday (28th) is cancelled. The hall is being used for other purposes and hopefully most people will be at SMOGGYCON in Middlesbrough.

See you all on the 12th


AAR - Club Meeting Saturday 14th November

>> Thursday 19 November 2009

Last Saturday saw me make it down to the club for one of my rare all day visits. I was playing Grande Armee (report on my blog) but I took a few pictures of the other games so thought it would be nice to post them here.

First up, overview of the hall:

Ian and Lawrence and another (I'm terrible with names!) were playing a General Quarters naval game. Not the most photogenic game due to lots of blue/grey on blue table so the pictures doesn't really do it justice:

And then there was the regular Great Captain game with Pete et al. There is currently a Roman Civil War type campaign running and the day saw two games fought to resolve the status of Gallic and Numidian allies:

My game, Bucasso using Grande Armee in 6mm, was great fun and is written up in my own blog, Another Slight Diversion, but here are a couple of taster pictures:

There were also two 15mm Napoleonic games using Empire V rules:

And finally an excellent 28mm Pirate skirmish game from Lloyd and Steve:

All in all another successful club meeting with a wide variety of games and a good turn out.


Tyneside Wargamers at SMOGGYCON

Tyneside Wargames Club will be putting on a display game of the Battle of Neville's Cross at SMOGGYCON on November 28th using 15mm figures and the club's Great Captain rules.

Come along and have a chat and see how the rules work.

See you there!


Lloyd's blog profile post thingy

>> Monday 16 November 2009


I've never written to a blog before, and am fairly sure that I'm doing something wrong here, but here goes...

There are four main groups in the club at the moment. One concentrates on 15mm ancients games, using its own (published) rules Great Captain, another does Napoleonics in 15mm and increasingly in 6mm, another does a variety of games (see Richard's blog entry), and then the fourth is me.

I use massively tweaked Crossfire rules for World War Two games in 1/72nd scale (see the Crossfire section on my website ( I have also written a couple of skirmish sets of rules for pre-gunpowder games, and mainly use these for dark age Britain, and bronze age Mediterranean, and sometimes for fantasy. Occassionally I try out American Civil War Games in 2mm, using rules that I am still developing. I have also tried out WW2 games where one base of figures represents a division, 18th Century naval games, siege games and ancient naval games using my own rules and will try most things once. For me, developing rules is a major part of the hobby, but I still try to paint my figures nicely.



Other periods rules

>> Thursday 12 November 2009

Hi everyone!

If you want a lot of the rules I have done, and they arent in the downloads section, please contact me at - There is a new version of the Pike and Shotte rules as well, which Andy hasnt got round to uploading yet! - He is busy, poor chap!

I will send you the Word originals if you want them. If you need PDFs contact Belisarius - he has Acrobat!
Be well!



French and Indian War Skirmish - 31st October 2009

>> Monday 2 November 2009

Situation: 1759 - Northern New York State.

The French are counter attacking a colonial settlement. An English force, consisting of a company of His Majesties 22nd regiment of foot, together with a dozen or so local Colonial militia and a similar number of friendly Delaware Indians, is defending an improvised defence on the edge of the settlement.

The French advanced along the settlement road, a Compagnie Franche de la Marine leading a company of regiment Baern. They were flanked by a war party of Hurons.

The Compagnie Franche set itself up behind some disused barricades and in a wood

The Hurons crossed the stream in front of the English position, and to the English right, attempting to outflank the redcoats.

The French attacked initially with Hurons and skirmishing Compagnie Franche troops.

But these were scattered by a volley from the 22nd.

A second attack by more skirmishers advanced and fell to a similar fate, the English only losing 3 men to enemy fire.

On the English right, the Hurons advanced in the cover of a small hill before surging over only to be destroyed by fire from the Delawares and the newly arrived Militia who had been brought up from the rear by the 22nds Captain.

The Delawares raced after the retreating savages and used their tomahawks to great effect.

In the main battle the Redcoats commander ordered the general advance.
With their allies in confusion and retreating, the French commander withdrew from the field, though a last attack by a few Herons caused a last redcoat casualty.

The battle turned out to be a one sided affair, the French rapidly realising this route into New England was closed!

NB. There were various updates to the rules as a result of this game and these are now in the club Downloads section.


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