Yet another day at the club!

>> Saturday 27 April 2013

Once again I was working so could only pop in at lunch and take a few quick snaps...

Here they are...
The club had a lot of smaller games today..

There was a Dirtside 2 game on..
 ..which seemed enjoyable to the participants!
 A rather nice looking Fantasy game (?Warhammer?)

There was a Great Captains game of course. 
 ..and a couple of games of 'I ain't been killed yet mum' WW2

I will be back next week and may be able to do more than watch!
Hope Ian is well again and back at the club too!


Samurai at the club!

>> Sunday 21 April 2013

Yesterday, we did a fair mix of games at the club....
Pete, Frankie and Craig were doing a spectacular Samurai game in 10mm using their 'Great Captains' rules.
 A Wild west game was in play too! 
Dave and the Napoleonic lads were doing 'I ain't been killed yet Mum', a WW2 game by the 2 Fat Lardies, it seems to be gaining a following in our club! 
Gareth, Lawrence and myself were doing a Wild West game too, but a solo one using my own rules...weird! - you wait for one Western game and 2 come along at once!

The full AAR can be viewed on my blog at: Herkybirds nest


Some pics of our game..

>> Sunday 7 April 2013

We did yet another X wing game today at the club!

This time it was to see if my new advanced solo system would give a good game!

For the full report, please go to Herkybirds nest

Here are some pics I took...without see how they look! - to see the difference with the ones on my blog!

Not impressed.. need some more experimentation!

The ships look fine, but the black spacefield cloth looks like the Atlantic with floating litter!


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