An empty club!

>> Sunday 27 May 2012

Today, we were small in number at the club!

All the Ancients players, Pete 1+2, Craig and Frankie were missing, as the first 3 are touring North Italy!

We loyal few kept the flags flying at the club...

Unusually, the Napoleonic players were playing 'Battlefleet Gothic' - surprising!

We did our usual skirmish, today being a WW2 skirmish based on the Battle of the Bulge. The write up is as usual at: Herkybirds nest

Here are some pics to whet your appetite?...



French and Indians game

>> Monday 21 May 2012

There was the usual mix of games on at the club today, but with no apology, I focussed on our game - a FIW skirmish.

After last game, where I lost several important pics due to blur, I took a few extra to allow for this - and ended up with 100 pictures!

The proper blog story is on my personal blog Herkybirds nest - but some of the best-of-the-rest are below:

       The company of the 22nd foot, forming in the settlement.
      Militia, holding a temporary defensive line in the woods against the French.
 The Rangers retreating down the road.
.. With the Delawares guarding their right flank.
 The situation when the French arrive in their rear!
 The 3 Delaware scouts turn to delay the pursuit.
 The French and their Indian allies pursue down the road.
 The Mohawks deviate from the Rangers to cross a different ford.
The Delaware scouts cause losses on the Courours de bois. 
 The allies cross the fords.
 The militia, still on the far side, put up a strong defence.
..causing some of the Indians to flee. 
 ..more Indians arrive, and the pressure mounts on the militia.
 The militia hold on grimly.
 Compagnie Franche troops outflank the militia.
 The Delawares hold the little ford for a while.
 The Rangers hold the larger ford.
 The French attacks seem relentless.
 The militia, forced to withdraw, form on the far bank of the river. 
 The Delawares take the place of the Rangers.
 The militia fire tells on the pursuing French.
 ..but cannot stop them all.
 The militia are taking casualties.
The Delawares, facing few opponents, hold their ford easily. 
 The militia fall back to a wooded hill behind the river.
 The English infantry, waved on by the womenfolk, move forward to help.
 The Mohawk and militia are driven off the hill.
..but are saved by the timely fire-support of the regulars.
Good game!


The week after Falkirk

>> Sunday 13 May 2012

The club was fuller today as the Napoleonic lads were back after their demo game at Falkirk!

This meant my cloths were back...but too late to use in our game (see Herkybirds nest )

Its good to be back to normal again!


Today at the club!

>> Sunday 6 May 2012

Today, we did less games as the Napoleonic brigade were doing a demo game at Falkirk!

So, what was on?

We were doing a WW2 skirmish, the report is at: Herkybirds nest

Pete, Frankie and Craig were fighting Indians, Chinese etc!
 ..Using their Great Captains (ancient) rules.
 Lots of casualties on the next table!
 Frankie had brought down HMS Repulse and Prince of Wales - Unfair!
Back to normal next week - I promise!


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