A game of moans!

>> Saturday 26 October 2019

Today we had a Norman v Norman skirmish at the club, if you want to know more, please go to this LINK



Our day at the club

>> Saturday 19 October 2019

Today, we had several games on at the club!

Lawrence, Phil and I were doing 7 Years war...

A full writeup of this game is on my blog at this LINK

There was a very pretty Warhammer AOS game on!

 Now that is what I call a flank march!

Dave and co were doing Blucher Napoleonics

Ian and co were doing Fire and Fury ACW.

And finally Peter and Craig were doing 10mm Great Captains.

Much fun was had by all!


Clone warring at the club

Today, we were doing Clone Wars skirmishing, the game report for which is on my blog at this LINK


Elsewhere, Ian had his North Koreans out for Korean Bolt Action.

I think this ended with the American Marines falling back before the Red wave!


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