WoW ! 4 games in one day!

>> Sunday 29 May 2011

Bad Pun! - sorry!

We did a few games of Wings of War again this week, the Bat Reps are viewable at:

Wings of war games

More pics on the Blog..

Promise to try a different genre of game next week!


Wings of War solo - Arizona style!

>> Sunday 22 May 2011

We did another Wings of War WW1 arial game at the club yesterday (21st May 2011) - The AAR is available on my blog at: Wings of War Advanced Solo Rules game

These were done using a more detailed version of my solo rules done by Shaun Mather from Yuma, Arizona, USA.

Hope you find it interesting and enjoyable!!


Death or Glory 2 - another Colonial adventure!

>> Sunday 15 May 2011

Yesterday (14-5-2011) - we did a follow up to our last colonial adventure! The BatRep is on my blog at: Colonial Skirmish

Its quite long - so give yourself a few minutes to read it!



Wings of War games!

>> Saturday 7 May 2011

We did some games of Wings of War at the club today (7/5/11) - the BatReps are at:

WW2 Games

Hope you enjoy them!


The Strange ways of war!

>> Sunday 1 May 2011

We did a Wars of the Roses game at the club yesterday, short and sweet if you are of the Percy persuasion!

Its viawable at Nevilles revenge?

Hope you enjoy it!


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