Wings of Glory at the club

>> Sunday 30 June 2013

Despite almost all the tables being purloined by other players doing WW2 and Napoleonic, and all my cloths having been nicked before I got there, we had a fun game!

As always, the write up is on my blog at: Herkybirds nest



A sunny day in Durham!

>> Saturday 8 June 2013

Well, as the long yearned for English summer continues unabated, Ian, Lawrence and myself went to the Durham show rather than the club.

Its always a good show: To see some pics of Durham itself go to: Durham

To see some pics of the show, please go to: The Durham show


Through the gate again!

>> Sunday 2 June 2013

Yesterday we did another Stargate game, most of the rest of the club were doing 'I ain't been shot mum' WW2, and the Ancients were on again!

My game can be seen at: Herkybirds nest - as usual.

Here are some pics from it:



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