Summer recess...

>> Sunday 31 July 2011

In case anyone was planning a trip down to the Club this month, yesterday was the last meeting until after the Border Reiver Show on 3rd September. Next Club meeting will be 10th September...


Happy 100th Post!

>> Saturday 23 July 2011

Hey! - not bad!

We did another Wars of theRoses skirmish today at the club the AAR is at Battle of thirlwall castle on my Blog


 Those guys dont like being fingered!


Stug in the mud!

>> Saturday 16 July 2011

We did a WW2 eastern front skirmish game today at the club!

 Russians advancing
 and getting shot at!
Overrunning Fascists 
 Surviving mortar strikes
 With T-34s!
 ..and more T-34s!
Did they win?

To find out go to: Herkybirds Nest


Club games on today!

>> Sunday 10 July 2011

While I was working (sigh!) these games were on at the club!

I got let out for lunch and snapped a few pics while guzzling a sandwich!

 A Wars of the Roses-esque game (those are Phils paws!!)
 6mm Napoleonics....
 15mm Napoleonics (Empire rules)
 The turn in which 3 French generals fell!
 15mm ancients, using 'Great Captains' rules..nice chariots!
Hordes of Chinese!!

These all looked fun games! - my fave (of course) is the medieval skirmish - but then again - they were using my rules! - there are more pics of that game on my blog (Herkybirds Nest)


What was on at the club today?

>> Saturday 2 July 2011

My gang were doing a Colonial game!

For the AAR pleas link to my Blog at: Colonial game BatRep

 Hordes of natives!
 ..Fleeing from the hand of Sauron!???
 Crossing streams in a single bound!
What are you retreating from? -
RETREATING? -Hell, no, we are just advancing in another direction!

Elsewhere at the club, the usual Ancient (Great Captains) game, Warhammer 40k and Napoleonics...
Paddy was refighting the battle of Kolin (1757) using Napoeonics - (Philistine!)

 Ian (left)- our Kolin expert, and Paddy
 Paddy's puissant Prussians..

 Nice looking battle line huh?


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