Happy Easter!

>> Saturday 30 March 2013

Happy Easter to all our readers!

As there was no club today for Easter, I did a game of X-Wing at home, if you want to see the AAR, please go to my blog at: Herkybirds nest

Have a great weekend!


Solo X-Wing anyone?

>> Saturday 23 March 2013

I have done a solo system for the X-Wing game!

Its based on an alternative system I was working on for Wings of Glory, but it seems more suited to this!--at least to me!

The rules are available from the Downloads tab on this website, or from my blog, together with a guide on how to use them Herkybirds nest



A first game of X-Wing

>> Sunday 17 March 2013

We tried X-Wing today, a Star Wars fighter combat game! - as a trial of the rules, we just tried 3 X-Wings against 6 standard Tie fighters, all with equivalent pilots.
How did it go? See- Herkybirds nest

Really lovely looking models, and the rules seem well thought out. Very different to Wings of Glory, and yet familiar to it in some ways!  


Another day at the club!

>> Sunday 10 March 2013

I was only able to get in to the club to eat my lunch and take a few snaps of the games, as I was working at the hospital across the road!

Here are some pics of the games....

10mm War of the Spanish Succession game - using Great Captains rules.

 16th Century naval, using 2-hour wargames rules.
3 games of 'I aint got killed yet mum' WW2 company level rules. 

There are a few more pics on my blog at: Herkybirds nest


Through the garden gate..

>> Saturday 2 March 2013

We did a Stargate game this week, the full write up is at Herkybirds nest

Here are some pictures to whet your apetite...



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