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>> Sunday 23 August 2009

Anyone with Author status on the blog can post, and post (within reason!) what they like. However, it would be useful if all posts could follow some basic guidelines regarding labels. This is mainly because the website will link to posts of particular types. For instance, the British Grenadier page will link to all pages with 'british grenadier' and 'AAR' for game reports for those rules. Likewise, if someone is running a campaign it can be labelled as '15mm, great captain, campaign, punic war' and the website will link to all posts.

So to start with can we try the following, please?

  • announce - anything to do with the club, upcoming games, news etc. These posts will always appear on the front page of the website.
  • AAR - After Action Report. A game writeup, with or without pictures. Please also add the scale, rules and period.
  • review - review of any product, figures, rules etc.
  • comment - opinion on any wargames related subject
  • general - anything not covered by the above

You can use the existing labels as guides but if you need to add another please keep it obvious and in lowercase

Other than that, post away!


DAVEC 29 September 2009 at 17:56  

Hi Guys

Are you meeting this Saturday (3rd Oct)

Dave Callan

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