Another disaster to end the year!

>> Saturday 21 December 2019

Well, it was the last game of 2019 at the club today, we aren't back now till 2nd January!

If you want to see what happened in the game, please go to this LINK



Vos was that!

>> Saturday 14 December 2019

Today we had another Star Wars skirmish at the club, and had fun!

The write up is on my blog at this LINK



Battle of the Shingles

>> Sunday 8 December 2019

Yesterday, we had a couple of games of AI Tanker, my Arab-Israeli version of the excellent 'What a Tanker'.
The write up of what happened, is of course on my blog at THIS LINK

One of my Syrian T-62's.
 An Israeli M51, apparently aiming at Pete Foggin, the club sec.
 Ian Logan's lovely North Koreans Peoples Army!
 Rod's British.
 Pete F and Craig fighting an Ancients game (Great Captains)

 Elsewhere, a lovely 10mm Napoleonic game.

Hope you liked the tour!


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