Playtesting ACW

>> Monday 30 January 2012

Here are some more pics from our playtest game using my new ACW skirmish rules first draft.

The main write up is on my blog: Herkybirds nest

Rules need some modifications! - but that is the nature of playtesting!

No set of rules survives first contact with the enemy - sorry, other players!


Happy 300th! - Frederick the second!

>> Saturday 21 January 2012

We did a 7 Years War game at the club today - the write up is at: Herkybirds nest



Ikko-Ikki make you sikki!

>> Sunday 15 January 2012

Today we did an ambush scenario at the club, with our heroic Samurai being pounced on by hordes of Ikko-Ikki!

Full write up is at: Herkybirds nest

The Napoleonic lads - and some Samurai!
 Lots of lovely Ashigaru
 Screaming Ikko-Ikki, with perhaps a Buddha in the distance??!
 The sun shines on the righteous....
 Blood and destruction! 


The Nevilles prevail!

>> Sunday 8 January 2012

We did a Wars of the Roses skirmish at the club today!

For once, the Yorkist forces got a clear victory!

To see more, go to Herkybirds nest

 My nice new Conflix model village!
 Some Percy archers
 Sir John Strangeways and his retinue.
Hope you enjoy!


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