Americans on a roll!

>> Saturday 21 January 2017

Today, the club was a bit short of players, for one reason or another! It left Lawrence and I having a couple of games of WW1 Wings of Glory!

The write up is on my blog, of course, Herkybirds nest

Here are a couple of pictures from the game...

Our planes, with a big WSS game in the background!
 The planes again, with my solo rules in the background!
I hope you enjoy the post!


Coastal forces in the Med

>> Saturday 14 January 2017

Today, we did a Coastal forces game at the club, using my own rules, and fun was had!

If you want to see the full report, please go to Herkybirds nest

Here are some pics from the game...



The Empire strikes back, again!

>> Saturday 7 January 2017

Today, our first day back at the club, we had a game of X-Wing, and had a lot of fun! The full write up is on my blog: Herkybirds nest



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