Buying the farm in New York?

>> Sunday 15 February 2015

Yesterday, we did a French and Indian wars skirmish at the club. The write up is on my blog Herkybirds nest

Here are some pics from the game....



ACW-ing in the West

>> Saturday 7 February 2015

Today at the club, we did an American Civil war skirmish, as Ian had finished his nice 'Old Glory' Federals in Black hats, which could do as 1st corps, Army of the Potomac, or many units operating in the west under Grant and Sherman.

Either way, it ended up an unusual game, the write up is on my blog, Herkybirds nest as usual!

Here are a few pics: 



New Club planned in Whitley Bay

>> Tuesday 3 February 2015

There are plans for a new games club in Whitley Bay/North Tyneside. Currently in the planning stages via a Facebook group: Whitley Bay 3D Gamers Join the group if you live in the area or are interested. Hope they make a success of it!


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