Lawrence's pictures of the club today!

>> Saturday 23 April 2016

We had a lot of different games at the club today! Lawrence has got a new camera (a hand me down!) and took some nice pictures!

My Sails games have more pictures on my blog Herkybirds nest and here

Nice, aren't they?


Today at the club!

>> Saturday 16 April 2016

Today, we did a WW2 skirmish to try out my newly updated rules. The write up is on my blog as ever, Herkybirds nest


Elsewhere, Pete, Frankie et al (whoever al is!) were doing Great Captains renaissance - and it looked a very pretty game, here are some pictures of it:

 In the background, Andy and Malcolm were doing Rapid fire.
There was a 7 years war game on too, and a Napoleonic one, of which I have no pictures, sorry!


Wings of Glory WW1 - with Hannovers!

>> Saturday 9 April 2016

Today, we had a couple of good games at the club, using my previously unused German ground attack planes!

It was a learning experience! Tough birds, these Germans!

The report is on my blog at Herkybirds nest.



Teesside Wargames Convention 2

>> Saturday 2 April 2016

Today, I went to a show in Middlesbrough - TeesCon. 
The full report is on my blog Herkybirds nest, if you want to have a look round!

The pictures had to be de-yellowed, so sorry for the quality!

Yes, I include this for the weird effect of a shaky hand!


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