>> Tuesday 17 August 2010

Thought I'd post a little update. The next meeting will be on the 11th September as the 4th will be taken up with the Border Reiver Show at Newcastle Arena. I'm sure the Club will be putting on a game but I don't have the details yet.

[EDIT] The game will apparently be a Thirty Years War game using amended Great Captains rules.

There have been a few additions to the Downloads page for Richard's rules, the latest being a Late Medieval Supplement.

Look forward to seeing everyone there and to the resumptions of games next month - assuming I manage to get down to play any!




New French and Indian Wars Game AAR

>> Wednesday 4 August 2010

French and Indian war skirmish – June 2010

The Colonial forces consisted of about 30 irregular rangers and 2 small parties of allied Indians (Mohawks and Delawares).

The French were composed of a Compagnie Franche de la Marine (Naval free company) and some Hurons.

The French force is a raiding party in camp alongside a tributary of the Monongahela River.(The French are deployed and run by the solo system)

The Colonial forces have spotted the French and are moving up to ambush them.
The Battle
After some discussion, the Mohawks decided to scout up the left of the river while the Delawares, accompanied by 3 rifle armed scouts moved up the right, intending to halt near a ford and snipe at any officers.
The (noisy!) rangers were to push up on the Indians right and try to outflank the French position.
If all went to plan, the Mohawks would attract the attention of the French who would pursue down the river and get shot up by enfilade fire from the Rangers and the Delawares. None of the participants thought they could get into proper ambush positions round the French clearing without being spotted!
All the colonial forces began to advance along their planned routes. However, almost as soon as they started, the Mohawks spotted a camped group of Courours de Bois on the hill ahead of them. So much for the plan!
The Mohawks spread out and fired at the French, who, surprised by this sudden assault fell back to some nearby woods.
Alerted by the gunfire, the French and Indians in the clearing began to spread out and probe forward.
Seeing this the Delawares and Rangers moved rapidly towards the river facing the French attempting to seize a ford before the French reached it.
The Delawares ran straight into 2 bands of Hurons guarding the ford,
and after taking casualties fell back to a small hill behind. The Hurons pursued across the ford only to be counter charged by the Delawares and wiped out.
The Rangers reached the river and came under fire from several groups of French. Very quickly the rangers drove the remaining French from the hill and followed up.
On the Colonials left, the Mohawks, having seen off the Courours moved through a wood and attacked several groups of French moving towards them. The speed and ferocity of the attack left the French no time to deploy properly.
Other groups of French and Indians tried to push down along the side of the river, but Mohawk archers shooting from cover drove them off.
The French officers moved forward to try and organise their men only for the scouts to kill one of them with Rifle fire. On this, the mauled French melted away into the woods and retreated back towards Nouvelle-France.
The Colonial force had suffered less than 10 casualties, and having destroyed the French force when they had only wanted to break it up would have expected a very happy and glorious return to their homes!

(Text by Richard (Herkybird), Pictures by Lawrence and Richard, Rules Clubs own)


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