Border Reiver - 5th September

>> Sunday 30 August 2009

Just though I'd make passing traffic aware of the show next weekend. Details here.

Who from the Club is going? And can anyone post on what the Club demo game is going to be please?



Website update - Rules Uploaded

>> Thursday 27 August 2009

The first of Richard's Rules are now available in the downloads section.

The Members page has been updated to show the blog member profiles.


Member Profile


My name is Richard Bradley, I have been wargaming since school (1973-4) and properly in clubs since college (1976).
I have wargamed in loads of periods over the years. But currently do:
15mm Ancients and Renaissance (my own rules and with Belisarius in fields of glory)
15mm Seven years war (my rules) and AWI (Still working on 'em)
28mm skirmish (My rules) Samurai, French and Indian wars, Colonial, Medieval, WW2.
15mm skirmish (My rules) Sci-fi (based on Stargrunt)
Coastal warfare WW2 (My rules)
Wings of War (and Dawn of World War 2)

I have other periods in the pipeline-and a painting mountain to do to support them.

Wargames are fun are'nt they!


Website is now live!

>> Wednesday 26 August 2009

The Tyneside Wargames Website is now live. I still need more content for some of the pages, especially Napoleonic related and Campaigns, so any input much appreciated guys! If you have any suggestions use the feedback form on the website or post here or the Forums.

See you all at Border Reiver.



Member Profile : Andy McMaster

Been wargaming on and off for over 30 years. Armies have come and gone in many scales and periods. What I have at the moment is:

15mm Republican Roman
15mm Carthaginian
15mm Ancient Spanish

15mm AWI British
15mm AWI American

15mm SYW French

and 4 28mm WW2 Germans!

The AWI games are played using the excellent British Grenadier rules. SYW and WW2 use Richard Bradley's own rules. For ancients I originally used DBM but have recently discovered Field of Glory and may be giving Impetus a try soon.

I've also had a long history of playing the boardgame, Advanced Squad Leader but the arrival of two kids in the last few years have made gaming a little limited!

Plans for the future: Paint a few more 28mm WW2, expand my Punic armies and add a decent Gallic contingent, and the big project for 2010 will be Early Byzantines. Just can't decide on the scale yet!


Member Profiles

>> Sunday 23 August 2009

It would be nice if all members of the Blog would write a single post giving their wargaming profile? Just a couple of paragraphs on what they play, periods, rules, wargaming history? These will then be linked to from the website. Blog names can be used if you don't want your full name out in the ether! Just make sure the post label is member profile.


Posting Guidelines

Anyone with Author status on the blog can post, and post (within reason!) what they like. However, it would be useful if all posts could follow some basic guidelines regarding labels. This is mainly because the website will link to posts of particular types. For instance, the British Grenadier page will link to all pages with 'british grenadier' and 'AAR' for game reports for those rules. Likewise, if someone is running a campaign it can be labelled as '15mm, great captain, campaign, punic war' and the website will link to all posts.

So to start with can we try the following, please?

  • announce - anything to do with the club, upcoming games, news etc. These posts will always appear on the front page of the website.
  • AAR - After Action Report. A game writeup, with or without pictures. Please also add the scale, rules and period.
  • review - review of any product, figures, rules etc.
  • comment - opinion on any wargames related subject
  • general - anything not covered by the above

You can use the existing labels as guides but if you need to add another please keep it obvious and in lowercase

Other than that, post away!


Wings of War

>> Wednesday 19 August 2009

Have you seen the new WW2 aircraft for the Dawn of World War 2 series? - I think they are excellent!
I plan to bring them to the club when we return in early September!


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