Orc Siege

>> Wednesday 29 July 2009

Orc Siege - Nikolas Lloyd

In this game, orcs attacked a fort defended by Vikings. The orcs had three mangonels, launching stones into the fort from a distance. The defenders of the fort prepared a sally to destroy these siege engines, but also had to cope with an onrush of fanatical orcs, trying to storm the fort with ladders and fury.

The orcs rushed to the wall and set up their ladders, but all attempts to force a way in proved hopeless as the defenders proved stalwart. A second band of Vikings appeared on the table top, having come out of an off-table side entrance of the fort.

This second band threatened to sweep away the orcs on the ladders, and so the orcs broke off their ladder-related shenanigans to meet this threat. A handful of orcs managed to prevent the sally attempt from the main gate.

A second band of orcs advanced and blocked the route to the mangonels at the far end of the table. These almost annihilated the leading contingent of Vikings, which fought on despite its losses.

Both sides then pulled back, it being obvious that neither stood any chance of achieving its objective.

The game was fought using rules written by Richard Bradley, a club regular, and figures belonging to him and Ian Logan (Vikings), and Lawrence Coxon and Nikolas Lloyd (orcs). The fort and the big horsehair trees belong to Lawrence.


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