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>> Saturday 1 October 2016

Today, we did a couple of games, I was lacking Allies/opponents, who were ill, so did another solo Wings of Glory game, please go to this link to see more of that!

Here are some teaser pictures:

Andy Ian, Phil and a newbie were doing WSS using Pike and Shotte.. My apologies for the poor picture quality, the dark cloth they were using was playing havok with my camera!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures anyway!


darren 6 October 2016 at 10:13  

Nice WW1 aircraft !!! Interested in coming to the club !!! Have played mainly GW games . But have played a lot of Bolt Action and Commands and Colours games to so that is my main historical fix . Any more info would be appreciated !!! Thanks . Darren Allwright

Herkybird 8 October 2016 at 21:51  

You will be most welcome!

I don't think we play either of the games you mention, but I aint been shot yet mum and Great Captains, together with Grande armee are favourites.
As my blog shows, apart from the Wings/Sails of Glory I mostly play games using my own rules.

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