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>> Wednesday 26 August 2009

Been wargaming on and off for over 30 years. Armies have come and gone in many scales and periods. What I have at the moment is:

15mm Republican Roman
15mm Carthaginian
15mm Ancient Spanish

15mm AWI British
15mm AWI American

15mm SYW French

and 4 28mm WW2 Germans!

The AWI games are played using the excellent British Grenadier rules. SYW and WW2 use Richard Bradley's own rules. For ancients I originally used DBM but have recently discovered Field of Glory and may be giving Impetus a try soon.

I've also had a long history of playing the boardgame, Advanced Squad Leader but the arrival of two kids in the last few years have made gaming a little limited!

Plans for the future: Paint a few more 28mm WW2, expand my Punic armies and add a decent Gallic contingent, and the big project for 2010 will be Early Byzantines. Just can't decide on the scale yet!


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