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>> Thursday 27 August 2009


My name is Richard Bradley, I have been wargaming since school (1973-4) and properly in clubs since college (1976).
I have wargamed in loads of periods over the years. But currently do:
15mm Ancients and Renaissance (my own rules and with Belisarius in fields of glory)
15mm Seven years war (my rules) and AWI (Still working on 'em)
28mm skirmish (My rules) Samurai, French and Indian wars, Colonial, Medieval, WW2.
15mm skirmish (My rules) Sci-fi (based on Stargrunt)
Coastal warfare WW2 (My rules)
Wings of War (and Dawn of World War 2)

I have other periods in the pipeline-and a painting mountain to do to support them.

Wargames are fun are'nt they!


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