After battle report- Samurai game 12/12/09

>> Thursday 17 December 2009

Situation: A group of Owari Samurai marching in company with some civilians comes across a road block put up by hostile Ikko-Ikki warrior monks.

Unsure of the intent of the Monks, the Samurai have to decide whether to cut their way through, or try to negotiate a safe passage.

The samurai leaders met for a discussion and decided to distract the Ikko-Ikki with 2 feint attacks while the main body and the civilians took a wide detour.

A group of warrior monks and some Ikko-Ikki appeared on a hill to the Samurai’s right and were attacked by the first body Owari troops

On the left, the Owari troops, having secured the small hill, launched a fierce attack on the Ikko-ikki on the 2 hills facing them

Having achieved victory, a small group sought glory by attacking a Samurai allied to the Ikko-Ikki in his ‘Mako’ enclosure. This failed miserably as the enemy turned and hacked down their attackers who were forced to flee.

The rest of the left wing moved on to attack other Ikko-Ikki nearer the roadblock.

The main body of Owari troops used the cover of these attacks to move round the right. They managed this without difficulty.

With this manoeuvre the Owari won the game and for the loss of 1 Samurai and a few Ashigaru would have achieved great honour and prestige!

(Pictures by L.Coxon and R.Bradley)

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