A day at the club...

>> Sunday 7 November 2010

Sadly - I had to work this Saturday (6th Nov 2010) - but did manage to pop in and take a few snaps..

Ian (left) , and Ezza- visiting the club from London, and most welcome!

Ian, Lawrence and Ezza were playing a 1940 WW2 skirmish...

With a little armoured support.

A 6mm Napoleonic game

Steve was playing Lloyd, and appeared to be enjoying himself!

Craig (left) and Pete doing their usual 'Great Captains' Ancient games.

The 15mm Napoleonic brigade. Lawrence (back left) appears to be calling in reinforcements?

I couldnt stay sadly, I had family visiting. Ezza has been trying to get to the club for several months and its typical I wasnt there when he finally made it. Ah well! - Round 2 of our Viking game next week!


Andy McMaster 7 November 2010 at 21:57  

Thanks for posting, Richard. I finally made it down just after 4 and caught everyone before they left. It was a good turnout with a good variety of games.
I really must try and find time to play sometime soon!
Cheers for the pics.

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