What else was happening?

>> Sunday 14 November 2010

As you can see below, we were having another Viking skirmish, but other games were on too!

 Firstly - a 6mm Napoleonic game using 'Grande Armee'- this really seems to be gaining popularity amongst the Napoleonic gang.
They do do 'Wings of War' now again too though.....

As usual, Pete, Frankie and Craig were using their beloved 'Great Captains' rules for Ancients, and managed a couple of games - quick system huh?
 Of course, the rest of the Napoleonic players were doing 15mm Napoleonics using 'Empire' rules....

This was a typical day at TWC, and an average turnout, despite the fact that Newcastle were at home!

Next week we are doing Warhammer for an ECW game, should be interesting?


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