What was on at the club today?

>> Saturday 2 July 2011

My gang were doing a Colonial game!

For the AAR pleas link to my Blog at: Colonial game BatRep

 Hordes of natives!
 ..Fleeing from the hand of Sauron!???
 Crossing streams in a single bound!
What are you retreating from? -
RETREATING? -Hell, no, we are just advancing in another direction!

Elsewhere at the club, the usual Ancient (Great Captains) game, Warhammer 40k and Napoleonics...
Paddy was refighting the battle of Kolin (1757) using Napoeonics - (Philistine!)

 Ian (left)- our Kolin expert, and Paddy
 Paddy's puissant Prussians..

 Nice looking battle line huh?


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