A good day at the club

>> Saturday 24 October 2015

Today, it seemed like the club had gone all Medieval! - there were 2 'Hundred Years War' games on, one using 'Great Captains', and one an Impetus game.

Additionally, there was an 'I ain't been shot yet mum' WW2 game on.

We were doing a WW2 Stalingrad skirmish, for which go to my blog: Herkybirds nest 

Here are some pictures from today...

The GC game, the French!
And from behind. 
..The front. 
 The English.
Thei men at arms flanked by archers. 
Naturally, the French came a cropper!!!! 
They had a nice castle on table though! 
 The Impetus game, the forces before set up.

 Our game



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