Battle report: Seven Years War Game 19/09/2009

>> Monday 21 September 2009

by Richard Bradley

Both the Austrian and Prussian armies deployed in 2 lines facing each other.

Both sides deployed strong cavalry corps in the open ground on the Austrian right

The Prussians line outflanked the Austrian left, and it was on this side that the first attack was launched. Sadly, Frederick the Great had allocated this wing to an inexperienced commander, and the subsequent attack was launched piecemeal, allowing the Austrians to move Cavalry and Infantry to oppose it.

Frederick (The Prussian commander), having seen the inaction of his right wing, galloped over and took personal command of the right. Immediately encouraged by the presence of their King, attacked with enthusiasm.

The Large Cavalry corps on the Prussian left, supported by several battalions of infantry and some guns attacked the detached Austrian right. The Austrians, being outnumbered, counter-attacked the Prussians with 4 battalions of Bavarian auxiliaries and their Kuirassiers.

The front line Austrian Kuirassiers put up a hard fight, but they were eventually driven from the field.

The Bavarians engaged the Prussian infantry and were outstanding! - Against all the odds they held the Prussian regiment facing them, despite both causing and taking heavy casualties.

In the centre, both infantry lines advanced, but without much commitment, leaving the wing to decide the day.

Despite much manoeuvring by both sides, neither side engaged heavily. The much vaunted Austrian artillery failed to make much impression – except to discomfit their commander!

At the end of the day, both Austrian wings were on the point of falling back, Fredericks intervention had tipped the balance, though he would have expected more gain for the casualties suffered. Despite Prussian claims, the Austrians were not defeated—and were very keen to fight again another day!

The game was played using Richard's own Seven Year War Rules which are available in the Downloads Section


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