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>> Wednesday 9 September 2009

Richard Bradley's Pike and Shotte Skirmish Rules are now available on the website download page.

Richard says:

The system arose from a wild thought I had that a solo system could be developed which combined morale and movement in one die roll to speed things up. Also, I wanted a game where the player character was 1 man and he had to actually shout orders to his minions, to stop them doing their own thing!

Originally the system was devised for French and Indian war games (IE Last of the Mohicans et al!) – and included casualties in the same chart. After some game play we found it was stretching things a bit, so the current system was developed.

Many of my skirmish sets use the same system, but they have to have their own Action chart. Incidentally, the weapon ranges are designed for each set, so you can't have ECW dragoons being shot down by Martini-henry rifles in the colonial set!

I was thinking that I should describe the play system in more detail, but I am curious if someone from outside our club could work it out from the rules themselves?

So here are the rules – without any extensive pre-amble! – you can post any comments/questions here and I'll endeavor to answer them. I hope you like them – but I don’t mind if you don’t!

Let us know what you think...


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