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>> Monday 16 November 2009


I've never written to a blog before, and am fairly sure that I'm doing something wrong here, but here goes...

There are four main groups in the club at the moment. One concentrates on 15mm ancients games, using its own (published) rules Great Captain, another does Napoleonics in 15mm and increasingly in 6mm, another does a variety of games (see Richard's blog entry), and then the fourth is me.

I use massively tweaked Crossfire rules for World War Two games in 1/72nd scale (see the Crossfire section on my website (www.LloydianAspects.co.uk). I have also written a couple of skirmish sets of rules for pre-gunpowder games, and mainly use these for dark age Britain, and bronze age Mediterranean, and sometimes for fantasy. Occassionally I try out American Civil War Games in 2mm, using rules that I am still developing. I have also tried out WW2 games where one base of figures represents a division, 18th Century naval games, siege games and ancient naval games using my own rules and will try most things once. For me, developing rules is a major part of the hobby, but I still try to paint my figures nicely.



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