French and Indian War Skirmish - 31st October 2009

>> Monday 2 November 2009

Situation: 1759 - Northern New York State.

The French are counter attacking a colonial settlement. An English force, consisting of a company of His Majesties 22nd regiment of foot, together with a dozen or so local Colonial militia and a similar number of friendly Delaware Indians, is defending an improvised defence on the edge of the settlement.

The French advanced along the settlement road, a Compagnie Franche de la Marine leading a company of regiment Baern. They were flanked by a war party of Hurons.

The Compagnie Franche set itself up behind some disused barricades and in a wood

The Hurons crossed the stream in front of the English position, and to the English right, attempting to outflank the redcoats.

The French attacked initially with Hurons and skirmishing Compagnie Franche troops.

But these were scattered by a volley from the 22nd.

A second attack by more skirmishers advanced and fell to a similar fate, the English only losing 3 men to enemy fire.

On the English right, the Hurons advanced in the cover of a small hill before surging over only to be destroyed by fire from the Delawares and the newly arrived Militia who had been brought up from the rear by the 22nds Captain.

The Delawares raced after the retreating savages and used their tomahawks to great effect.

In the main battle the Redcoats commander ordered the general advance.
With their allies in confusion and retreating, the French commander withdrew from the field, though a last attack by a few Herons caused a last redcoat casualty.

The battle turned out to be a one sided affair, the French rapidly realising this route into New England was closed!

NB. There were various updates to the rules as a result of this game and these are now in the club Downloads section.


Giles 3 November 2009 at 11:26  

Great pics and report!

Best wishes


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