Viking Game - 29th June 2010

>> Tuesday 29 June 2010

In Nordic law, someone who had killed another man (of similar rank) could be outlawed, usually for a year. During this year he could be killed with impunity.
Of course, this usually meant that he would hide or ensure he had lots of friends and family around to protect him!
This is the case in our scenario, a Nordic force is pursuing justice for one of their number, and are facing the outlaw and his supporters!

The battle occurred at a river crossing in a quite wooded area; both forces were intent on taking a large hill in the middle of the table. (Isn't it funny how large pieces of terrain always seem to suck figures towards them!!!)

The outlaw forces moved in a compact line toward the large hill, attempting to take advantage of its defensive qualities, they were able to reach the hill first as the Nordic troops had to cross the river, one half crossing at a stream and the other fording the river in front of the hill. They left a few mounted Hirdsmen on their left flank to threaten and delay the Nordic forces right wing troops.
The outlaws soon found that hills make you a lot more visible to archers, and fell back to the lee of the hill after taking several casualties. Fully half the outlaws own missile troops hid behind their shield wall further round the hill, and were unable to shoot back!
Seeing the hilltop outlaws retreating in confusion from the arrow storm, some of the Nordic troops tried to attack them, lead by several Berserkir.
The other half of the Outlaws supported by some archers, seeing this, swept round the right of the hill to try and encircle the Nordic troops storming up it. The Nordic troops detached a small force to intercept these outflankers, but soon these Nordic troops were fighting in small groups against the greater numbers of outlaws.
The Nordics Berserkir failed to make the headway expected as the outlaw troops fought back desperately.
The right wing of the Nordic troops were (frustratingly) unable to get to the hill in time to affect the outcome of the battle beyond shooting a few outlaws with arrows and slingstones. The Outlaws had moved too rapidly towards the hill for them to react.
The fight on the hill ended when the Nordic troops fell back to the protection of their unengaged right wing.
Justice must wait for another day….

Pictures by Lawrence
Commentary by Richard (herkybird)
Rules: our own club set


Galpy 30 July 2010 at 11:54  

great looking game looks like fun

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