War of the Spanish Succession Game 22nd June 2010

>> Friday 25 June 2010

War of the Spanish Succession game June 2010-06-22


Imperialist/Dutch played by Craig and Frankie

French played by Pete Foggin
The battlefield was largely flat with some woods and a village.
Their deployment was conventional, with the infantry battalions in 2-3 lines in the centre of their deployment area.
Both sides set up with their cavalry on or opposite the French left, both sides had additional cavalry behind their infantry lines.
The artillery set up in front of both armies fired, starting the battle.
The Imperialist foot advanced causing the French centre to fall back after one brigade panicked and ran.
At the same time both strong cavalry wings advanced and after a desperate struggle the French horse were victorious and chased the Saxon Kuirassiers and Imperial line cavalry facing them off the table.
Seeing a weakness in the imperialist line, several French brigades advanced through a wood to attack the village facing them, however, the Saxon cavalry of the reserve made a successful counter attack and scattered two of the French brigades.

The victorious French left wing cavalry returned in the rear of the Imperialist infantry, but exhausted from their pursuit, their attack on the village defenders failed miserably, and they left the field licking their wounds!
In the Imperialist/Dutch centre, the infantry, thinned to provide support for their threatened right flank was attacked and broken by the greater number of French battalions, and the French reserve cavalry, which descended on them.
The game was played using the Great Captains rules. It lasted about 3 hours.

French figures were Old Glory 10mm

Allied figures were Pendraken 10mm

Photos and report by Richard Bradley (Herkybird)


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